Sam and I were trying to get chicken pot pies, but the restaurant we tried to go to was packed. Everyone wanted pot pies. So we ended up walking into Chez Le Chef, a French restaurant in Murray Hill.

It was definitely interesting. We didn’t know where to go and didn’t see anyone, so we walked upstairs to the dining area. Then we heard a voice asking us how many we were and then told us to sit at a specific numbered table. There were a lot of fake flowers and some cakes in the corner. It felt like we were in some old lady’s apartment, peeking into the back room. Then out of no where, walks in Chef Federic, who has this awesome white mutton chop and mustache, dressed in full on French chef outfit and tall hat. I was like “whoa… holy shit.”

We got the Prix Fixe Lunch special $15.95. 3 courses served in 25 minutes! I’m not sure why they stress the time. I’m not sure if that means it’s quick or hey, you’re going to be here for a while.

There was a Japanese menu on the table. I wonder how often they get Japanese people. I tried to get Sam to order from it.

I got the Pumpking Ginger soup. Pretty good. Sam got the Mixed Greens salad which looked good.

Sam got the breaded flounder fish and I got the Hungarian Goulash (special of the day). Pretty decent.

The desert plate looked really good. I nibbled on it.

I kept thinking the whole time that I want to go up to Chef Federic and say, “Chez Le Chef, you outdid yourself once again!” I feel like his look and appearance was just asking for it.

Chez Le Chef is really an interesting experience if you like that type of stuff. I don’t know if this ironic food blogging. I don’t know anymore.

Chez Le Chef – 127 Lexington Ave Apt 2 (between E 29th and 28th St) New York, NY 10016

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  1. tio wally

    Chez means “at” or “about” in English, usually “at.” So don’t say “At the chef, you outdid yourself once again.” Say, “Monsieur, pourquoi vous facturer en faire autant?” (Sir, why do you charge so much?”

  2. Thistle

    Maybe the time was for business people? If I had an hour for lunch, I wouldn’t think a three course meal would work. If they could do it in 25 minutes, then that would be fine.


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