Well I never heard of Fatburger before. I’m all East Coast. They just opened one of these West Coast burger joints this week in Murray Hill …the first of several to open in New York.  They’re even opening up some in India with lamb burgers. I kind of wished they had lamb burgers here.

My beef burger was pretty good though. I like how you can add a fried egg. Mine wasn’t runny though, unfortunately. Also unfortunate was the wait. I assumed it to be quicker for fast food, but they are cooked to order and there was a line of customers. But they have a bar serving beer and wine while you wait.

They have several sizes of burgers. Medium, Large, XXL …and XXXL, which if you can finish, you get your name on the wall. I got the smallest one and was satisfied with just eating half. I put the rest in a bag along with some Fat Fries (steak fries) and was going to eat it later. But I went out to buy some underwear and socks and realized I was smelling up the stores. So I gave it to a homeless guy. He looked so psyched. I think he knew about Fatburger.

Fatburger - 507 3rd Ave (btwn 35th & 34th St) New York, NY 10016

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