We went out to Sapporo Haru for sushi and their free unlimited hot sake. You just have to buy a minimum of $10 of food per person to get the deal. That’s pretty easy.

While waiting for Todd and Elissa, they asked us if we wanted something to drink while we waited. We said, nah, that’s fine… We were going to get the free sake. And they brought it out while we waited.

Then we ordered a Sapporo Haru specialty roll. It’s their namesake. Shrimp tempura fish roe cucumber inside eel avocado on top $12.95. I liked it a lot.

When the whole party got there, we decided on the Love Boat Sushi for Four $75 –A huge boat with lots of different sushi, sashimi and rolls (see pics!). It came with miso soup or salad. Even though we were five, it was a lot of food. Well I guess we also had that roll earlier too.

And we did get plenty of free hot sake. It came out to $25 per person after tax and tip. Such a good deal. And I guess you can even get cheaper as long as you hit the $10 minimum. It’s like why do people go to bars when they can do this? You also get free oranges for dessert.

Afterwards, we went home and drank free unlimited soju and then went to a party where there was unlimited tequila. That’s a good deal too.

Sapporo Haru – 622 Manhattan Ave (between Driggs & Nassau) Brooklyn, NY 11222

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