Last week, I went and saw one of my favorite bands growing up, Soul Asylum. I really didn’t know if I wanted to see them. I think it’s weird seeing your childhood favs as old people. But I went anyway. It was cool. Being drunk helped. And it’s weird. Most of the band members are different now. I don’t know if that made it better or worse, so I didn’t have to see so many old people on stage. They played my favorite song, Closer to the Stars. I got my money’s worth.

Then I went next door to Congee Bowery afterwards. I was so drunk and slurring so bad to the host. I’m surprised they sat me. I think it was almost time to close.

I think I tried to order the Turtle Soup, but they were out. Then I asked for Congee and the waiter said no. So ordered pan fried dumplings.

After the waiter left, I turned around and the guy I was rubbing shoulders with in a pretty empty restaurant was eating some awesome looking stuff. I asked the host what he was eating. I want that. It was Crab Porridge. Wait. That’s Congee! He let me order it. So I don’t know why the waiter was lying to me.

It was delicious and everything costs about the same as one beer at Bowery Ballroom. Free tea too!

Congee Bowery – 207 Bowery (btwn Rivington & Spring St) New York, NY 10002

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