Oh man, this is a good NYC deal –All You Can Eat Steamed Maryland-style Blue Crabs for $21.95 in the West Village. That’s everyday 12-4pm. Dang, that’s a prime time lunch deal, even on weekends.

I came by myself and thought they were going to start me off with a couple of crabs and see how I do, but no… They brought me a whole tray load and dumped them on me. It took up almost the whole table. I think there were around 11-12 crabs. Dang.

They were decent size and good lumps of meat in there. I worked on them slowly and methodically, getting better disassembling each crab as I went along. My back was hurting by the end. Got stuffed and left five crabs on the table.

I like this deal. I gotta bring Rusty there. $2.50 draft PBR and $4 Stella. That’s cheap, especially for the location. I’ll remember to put on the bib next time.

Fish Restaurant - 280 Bleecker St (btwn Jones & Commerce St) New York, NY 10014

Afterwards, I watched some guys play b-ball in the Cage at the West Fourth Street Courts. Thirty percent of the time, they were just arguing. I thought someone was going to pull out a gun a couple times.

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  1. tio wally

    One of my brother-in-laws is from Maryland. And he knows how to eat crab. He uses a table knife. He cracks the leg using the non-business end of the knife and then inserts the blade and twists it, revealing the meat, which he then pulls out with his fingers. He has it down. I wanted to try it but all they had at the crab feed were plastic knives and nut crackers; he’d brought his own from home. The next year they were selling these little plastic gadgets to do essentially the same thing. My brother-in-law said “Good luck with that.” Then he pulled out his kitchen knife and went to town. He has it down, that’s for sure.

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      Dang, I was thinking right when I got the tray of crabs dumped on me that I should’ve freshened up on Youtube how I should be cracking these open.


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