Sam took me out to lunch because I won a sports bet. We went to a relatively new Russian restaurant in our work area –Nasha Rasha. From the outside, I thought it was a little too intimidating for a lunch spot. But on the inside, it’s sorta kitschy with neon red communist signs, walls of vodka and cute waitresses in folk uniforms.

They also have a decent sounding lunch Prix Fixe for $15, which turned out to be pretty awesome. Came with soup, salad, drink and entree. The Borsch beet soup was great. Olivier Salad (famous russian salad of potatoes, vegetables & bologna& mayonnaise) was decent potato salad. The drinks were awesome. Sam had the Kompot and I had the Uzvar. Both fruit drinks. Both delicious. I haven’t drank fruit drinks since Hi-C.

Then the waitress brought out our dumpling entrees with these big Russian dolls on top. I didn’t know what was going on when they came out. Cool presentation. I recommend the Pelmeni over the Vareniki. The meat texture was better. Vareniki filling was cat food like. I ate it all because it tasted good with the melted butter at the bottom of the bowl and sour cream. Maybe I like cat food.

Very filling all in all. I’m glad I won. The bill came in a neat box.

I’m trying to think of a good way to finish this post off. All I can I think of is that time Rusty and I let some Russian girls stay over because they Myspaced our band page. Now that I look at that old post, I guess it was a little racist. But it’s probably fine. They locked Rusty out of his room.

Nasha Rasha Russian Restaurant & Vodka Bar – 4 W 19th St (btwn 5th & 6th Ave) New York 10011

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