Oh dang, this was a great lunch special. You pick vegetarian $8.95 or meat $9.95 and they bring you a bunch of different food –unlimited all you can eat.

They first brought me a plate of chicken and kabab meat and a plate of chickpeas and chutney. I was wondering if that was all I was going to get because I was by myself. Everyone else was in groups and they had bowls of different curries, rice and bread. Luckily, they brought me that stuff and I was a bit amazed how much they gave me.

There were five bowls of curries –two chicken ones, lentils, vegetables, saag paneer. They were good and a bit of heat. I had to take off my sweater. Fluffy naan bread was perfect for mopping up the oily curry sauces.

This was so much of a better lunch than the place I tried two doors down the week before. I do like picking my own stuff, but that other place, I was standing behind two people that were super slow and in the way of the buffet. I think I was waiting five minutes for them. That’s a long time for a buffet that’s about 5 feet wide. That was $10 too and just vegetarian.

Good food here at Bhatti. Got super stuffed on lunch. Didn’t even need to ask for seconds. I did pay for it later on the toilet, but it was worth it.

Bhatti Indian Grill - 100 Lexington Ave (@ 27th St) New York, NY 10016

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