We went up to Woodstock for Ike’s 3rd birthday party. It was fun. I did a few more magic tricks. Little did we know that Ike was going to have a new baby brother that night. We went to sleep and Michelle gave birth in the bedroom. I moved downstairs to be out of the way and I could see the bedroom door opening throughout the night from my angle. I could see Michele’s feet. It was like out of a movie.

I’ve never been so close to someone in labor. I want to say it seemed so easy. I just go to bed and then a baby is birthed. Congrats Michelle and Dan and Ike.

Introducing Calvin Rye Forbes…

We were all going to go fishing the next day, but figured Dan should probably stay home with the family. The rest of us went. Didn’t catch anything, but did see a snake and a Wooly Bear caterpillar.

Afterwards, we hit up Winchell’s Pizza & BBQ. The pizza slice is huge. I really really liked the Onion & Garlic Deep Dish pizza. Tasted like a garlic knot that was a pizza slice.

Winchell’s Pizza & BBQ – 3187 New York 28, Shokan, NY 12481

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  1. Obbop

    Look at the imp!!!

    One can tell already that dude ain’t gonna’ take any guff or BS from anybody!!!

    He already has “the look” that sens bad guys running off in abject fear.


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