This here David Burke Kitchen lunch event was hosted by Vlasic pickles. Wait, isn’t David Burke Kitchen expensive ($$$$$ on Menupages) and isn’t Vlasic the pickle with the stork? Cool!

Vlasic wanted to show off their new Farmer’s Garden pickles. Hand-packed in a mason jar with some carrots, peppers and garlic at the bottom. Classic brining techniques with no preservatives, such that they have to keep it refrigerated right after packing, onto a refrigerated truck and into the cooler of your grocer’s produce section …to keep the freshness and crispness. The coolest thing is that they use a thing called a WaterKnife in the factory that cuts the cucumbers with a high powered stream of water. That’s just as rad as when I turned a Supersoaker into a beer-to-mouth shooter last week. Apparently it hurts the mouth.

So they had a DBK chef create a menu to incorporate these new Vlasic pickles. Okay first thing I had when I got there was this jar of Tomato, Eggplant, Ricotta Trifle on crostini. It had nothing to do with pickles, but it was really good and creamy. The first pickle dish was a Pickleback Granite –shaved pickle juice ice into a frozen little cup of cucumber. Then Pastrami Salmon, Bison Tartare and Chicken Club sandwich with a pickle somewhere. For dessert David Burke signature Cheesecake Lollipops and magic from That was a neat trick. I kinda want to be foodblogger/magician now.

Well at the lunch, I’m not sure I could tell the difference with new Farmer’s Garden pickle and a regular Vlasic pickle. Maybe that says something good about the old pickles that have preservatives. But the other night, I did pull out one of these new Farmer’s pickles to put on my mayonnaise sandwich. First off, the pickle was cut big. I like that. And in the moment, I did notice the crispness and zesty flavor. There is a difference. I just had to try it in my own home and scenario …with a mayonnaise sandwich of course.
David Burke Kitchen – 23 Grand St (btwn 6th Ave & Thompson St) New York 10013

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