After a Marcellus Hall & the Hostages set, we went out for Malaysian food at Overseas Taste Restaurant. Surprisingly good food here. Maybe the Princess Bean Curd dish was pricey at $15 for vegetables, but the other dishes were affordable.

I got the Double Boiled Chicken Thigh in Chinese Herb Noodle Soup ($7.50). Tasted medicinal, but really good at the same time. It made me feel warm and healthy …and I’m sure it was good for my yeet hay (in Chinese, means “hot air”. Something that makes the body sick. There’s no real medical translation in English. Something that I don’t think ABC’s or WebMD knows what it really is, except it’s something my parents told me I have when I’m sick and ate too many fried foods.)

I really liked the peanut satay sauce. That was my favorite flavor of the night. Although that probably gave me a lot of yeet hay.

Overseas Taste Restaurant – 49 Canal St (btwn Ludlow & Orchard St) New York City, NY 10002

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