Jody’s good friend Andrew was back in town. Remember when we did the Meat on Meat Casserole and that time he took us to Happy End? That was great Polish food. We knew we had to try the new Polish buffet next to Jody’s place. It’s not everyday, you see an affordable all you can eat buffet in NYC.

I was surprised with the selection. Everything that you wanted in a Polish buffet –pirogies, bigos, kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, meatballs, cucumber salad, blitzes, soup and much more. Tasted pretty good. It’s hard to say it’s the best Polish food in Greenpoint, just because it’s Greenpoint. But it’s certainly one of the best deals if you wanna stuff your face or try a bunch of different things. $10 for lunch or $5/lb to take out. Beer is cheep too. $2.50-3.50 bottle and draft.

The waitresses were nice and it’s nice looking new restaurant. I can see Jody and I sneaking out here during half time of the next Gator game. They got jello!

ZÅ‚ota Rybka (CLOSED) – 931 Manhattan Ave (btwn Kent & Java St) Brooklyn, NY 11222

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  1. Rogerio

    Hi, me and my friends went to Dannis instead but it was closed, and we were trying to find ZÅ‚ota Rybka Restaurant not Dannis. Can you explain to me what happened to ZÅ‚ota Rybka Restaurant ? Did it closed down? Thank you.

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      Oh yeah, I heard it closed. A few months ago, the same owners turned into a diner with the same name, minus the buffet. And now I think they may have closed the diner. I hope you were able to find good Polish food anyway.


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