After my deep fried pork belly at Engeline’s, I headed over to Jollibee –Filipino fast food. The place was packed with people eating  burgers, fried chicken and sweet spaghetti. My understanding is that there is a lot of nostalgia here for their patrons. Imagine if we moved to some strange land and they finally opened their first McDonald’s. We’d probably go there for it’s nostalgia and comfort of what we grew up on. I know I’d eat an Egg McMuffin everyday. I might die young, but I’m doing it for the comfort. –I do remember only eating willingly at KFC when I visited Hong Kong as a child. And McDonald’s when I went to Canada. My older sisters thought I was a spoiled brat, but I think I just didn’t know any better and needed that familiarity, especially being away from home.

At Jollibee, I got a regular hamburger (99cent) and small Chicken Sotanghon Soup ($1.99). The burger was similar to a regular McDonald’s hamburger, except it had a mayo sauce on it. It was decent. I liked the soup a lot. A lot of garlic flavor and notably ethnic/Filipino tasting. Made me think, “Yes, this is a Filipino fast food restaurant.”

My journey to Woodside, Queens was a bit disappointing because I know I had planned to eat a lot more. I only made it through deep fried pork belly, avocado shake, and fast food. It made me realize I need an eating companion to help share in the heart attack.

Jollibee – 62-29 Roosevelt Ave. Woodside, NY 11377

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