Jody and I were finally going to try the dusty buffet at the Chinese take-out restaurant next to his apartment. Every time we walk by, he steps in to look at the buffet. No plan to eat there, just to look. I’ve seen him do it at least four times. They have the usual Chinese American fare like chicken & broccoli, the big ticket money item is the sushi rolls and they have jello. It really doesn’t look good. But it was interesting to us like as if someone dared us to eat there …even though there was no dare. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they told us the buffet was closed, although there was some food left out. Jody took a good stroll along the buffet once more.

We ended up going down the street to Acapulco Deli & Restaurant. Our first time. It’s a diner style Mexican restaurant. There was a TV playing a romantic Latino drama about a luche libre wrestler. Jody got chicken tacos and I got the chorizo huaraches. Pretty decent food. I’m just wondering what we missed at the dusty buffet.

Acapulco Deli & Restaurant – 1116 Manhattan Ave # 2L (btw Box & Clay St) Brooklyn, NY 11222

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