All food deserves a smiley face or at least an alien face. I got some fried chicken wings today at my local Chinese fast food —East Met West, strawberry jam, Aunt Jemima buttermilk waffles and Ms. Butterworth syrup. I don’t know which one is more politically incorrect. Well I always assumed Ms. B was white, but now looking at the bottle she is pretty dark. I suppose it’s not really a bad thing. Why can’t she be black mamy figure? Colonel Sanders is an old fart and the Hamburglar is a no good thief. Good thing they didn’t make him black.

I decided to try a new way of reheating the frozen waffles. Instead of sticking them in the oven where they come out hard and crunchy, I put them in the microwave to defrost and then put them on a frying pan to crisp up the edges. It leaves it soft and fluffy in the middle and toasty on the outside. Chicken and Waffle Man was happy. He’s supposed to be Chinese.

Chicken and Waffle Man

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  1. Lorene

    – nie rozumiem, gdzie strata na wzrostach jak miaÅ‚em pozycje dÅ‚ugie ? ZamknÄ…Å‚em je tam gdzie uważaÅ‚em za sÅ‚uszne i poczekam na kolejne okazje. Nie przejmujÄ™ siÄ™ tym, że kurs dalej ur³s.Å‚ÃPozdrawiam


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