After work Summer time drinks with friends from work at the Frying Pan barge & boat located on the west side of Manhattan. A beautiful day for food and drinks on the water. After one drink, I felt pretty tipsy and then remembered that I was on the water. It gets crowded pretty quickly after work, so best to get you a bucket of Coronas and sit back. You order your food with any of the bartenders and then wait to look for your number like kino to pick it up at the food counter. It’s all pretty looking food, but pretty average tasting. They do have all the condiments to make your own fancy sauce. I did a ketchup, mayo, cock sauce (Sriracha) combination. It makes everything taste better, except strawberries. I don’t know why I even tried that. I enjoyed myself out there. Great summertime spot. Thanks for setting this up, Kristen.

Frying Pan – Pier 66 Maritime (@ 26th St) New York 10011

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  1. Tio Wally

    Geez, J. Yesterday it was Mexican cock. Today it’s cock sauce. Do I smell a Me So Hungry theme cooking?


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