The last adventure with the Lincoln MKZ. Before our trip out, Jody and Christa got sandwiches from an Italian deli in my hood. The big guy making Jody’s meatball sub seemed to get agitated when Jody asked for cheese after the guy already cut it. Well Jody was pushing it. Not going to name names of the deli in fear that I’d get my noggin beatin with a bat.

Back in the car, we realized it had air conditioned seats which was nice on this hot day. Also got to play around with the seat positioning, which included lower back support. It was cool. I couldn’t tell what it was doing at first because the seat wasn’t moving. I thought it was a back massager.

Headed to the Queens Museum of Art in Flushing to check out this cool Panorama exhibit, short scale model of the entire New York City. Jody was able to sneak some shots.

We finally figured out how to make the GPS work. Apparently the car can’t be moving when typing in the destination. The option was always disabled when we tried before while driving. This is our first time using GPS navigation and it was really cool. Only one day with it and we don’t know how we would live without it. It talked our way to Chinatown Flushing. My first time there. Seems a little more hectic than the Sunset Park version and a lot more storefront window food places. I got a Peking Duck on a steamed bun for $1 from Corner 88, spicy fish balls on a stick for $1 from AA Plaza, and pan fried dumplings 8 for $2 at Super Snack. I really want to try the point and pick take out boxes from Corner 88 some day.

We went to a grocery store there in Chinatown to pick up some salmon, shrimp, and veggies to bring back for a cook out. They had a bucket of live frogs that two little kids were kicking. The live bucket of turtles freaked Christa out. Who knew the spicy fish balls on a stick would be a precursor for the skewered shrimp and Rusty’s Cheetos on a stick?

Thank you Ford, Rachel and Social Media Group for the lovely car. Had a great weekend!

Corner 28 Restaurant – 40-28 Main Street Flushing, NY 11355
AA Plaza – 40-66 Main St Flushing, NY 11369
Super Snack – 4128 Main Street Flushing, NY 11355

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    More pictures of the car please. in a toasted kaiser roll if you have it.


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