You sit in Chennai Garden and eat the buffet for $6.95 or take out for $6.95. They give you an aluminum container, a small plastic container, a styrofoam plate and some foil. It’s like working with a puzzle, but I did my research. I tried to use this Yelp guy’s tips on take-out, but apparently he could have maximized by using the plate for food too instead of worry about his wussy hands. I got two giant stuffed meals out of it. This could be a great economical date. Ask the date to go hide around the corner while you duck into the restaurant. Bring the food to the park and stuff her face with paneer.

This is a really good vegetarian buffet for the money. The only thing keeping me from coming back often is feeling like an asshole in the buffet line.

Chennai Garden – 129 E 27th St (btw Park & Lexington) New York, NY 10016

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  1. Melinda A.

    WOW all that for $6.95? I want some of that! Too bad i’m in chicago :(..

  2. Jenn

    Love, love, love Chennai Garden. When I first went there I didn’t realize it was vegetarian until my group was halfway through our meals. Didn’t matter though. When hanging there the staff practically expects you to take seconds and thirds. So the buffet is a great free-for-all.


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