Went to the last place I had memories eating with both my parents years ago –a cute little Chinese noodle restaurant on Bowery and Canal. I remember my mom and I didn’t like the noodles, but I figure it’s been years and this place’s name has noodles in it. If I’m going to foodblog, I better get the noodles. I think I just don’t like this type of noodle. The meat was good. Next time I’m going to try suckling pig over rice $5.75!

Went to see the How’s Your News Band open up for State Radio at the Bowery Ballroom. It was a lot of fun. They were really awesome. Lucas on guitar shreds. He plays solos with his teeth. State Radio sounded familiar but still didn’t know who they were. Then Shonali and I realized we were asked to go on tour with them about a year ago, but couldn’t make it. I didn’t know who these guys were and I was amazed everyone knew the lyrics. Then we found out that the singer was in another band I never heard of called Dispatch that sold out Madison Square Gardens for three nights in 2007. Not Wamu but the arena. That’s amazing. I can’t really think of any band I’ve heard of that can sell out Madison Square Gardens three nights in a row. I’m not sure the Knicks sell out three nights in a row.

Yummy Noodles – 48 Bowery (Btwn Bayard & Canal St) New York 10013
State Radio website
How’s Your News? – Sundays 10:30pm on MTV

…..Bobby rockin the mic

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