meet me at the union pool for ape school. i like the bar and love the taco truck, but the bald doorman was surely a dick even when everyone is of age and has their id. he was even giving jody a hard time when he was going back inside to pay his tab, but left his id with the bar. the doorman should go back to school and be a hall monitor.

so we head over to the newly renovated kelloggs diner. it’s now open. we sit down and look at the menu and was shocked at the $20 entree pricetags. surely not the same kelloggs. maybe the lobster tanks should have tipped us off. it turns out that for dinner, they turn into a fine dining restaurant. they were really accommodating and let us order off the breakfast/lunch menu since they realize we were expecting the old kelloggs. service was impeccable. every few mins a different person came to fill our water glasses. i counted four different water guys.

Ape School – from Philly via Gainesville
Kellogg’s Diner – 518 Metropolitan (@ Union) Williamsburg Brooklyn
Subway Bar – some girls bday this night

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