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Caracas Arepas in Williamsburg

Justice of the Unicorns at Caracas for pre-show arepas. I thought I’d prefer the original Caracas in the East Village, but was glad to see the two girls (owners/chefs) that were featured on the Bobby Flay Throwdown. Made me feel at ease that I was getting the best of Caracas. I somehow ordered the Guasacaca & Chips saying “Guac and Cheese”. Luckily they knew I was a drunk and brought out the right thing I meant. Fried plantain chips with guac and that awesome sauce they have on the table was a perfect match. We also got Yoyos (fried sweet plantain balls stuffed with white cheese) which tasted like soft fluffy french toast balls. I got the special arepa with pork, avacado slices and chimichurri sauce. I kept squirting that sauce all over everything. So good. I thought we were going to finish the whole bottle.

Caracas Arepa Bar – 291 Grand Street (btw Roebling & Havemeyer) Brooklyn, NY 11211


The Dragon’s Claw Premiere

Rob finished his animated video for my band Justice of the Unicorns and it is amazing. We had a grill out at Jody & Christa’s to screen it in full High Def. It was a lot of fun. I brought mini Japanese crab snacks and black bean Gorilla Boogers from Sunrise Mart. I ate quite a few of those crabs (they’re like salty/sweet crackers), not because I really enjoyed them but because I was amazed that you can eat them …especially the claws.

Update: Sam Shady says they sell these Gorilla Boogers – sweetened black beans in Japanese Zoos

The awesome Dragon’s Claw video by Robert Bruce

In Music & Video News…

Two cool things released today.

1) Pocket’s “Surround Him with Love” EP/Single featuring Robyn Hitchcock, with a bonus track track feat my friend Shonali Bhowmik of Tigers and Monkeys (which I proudly helped record the vocals).

2) Three21 Media’s new music video site Channel Three/21.
Established video director, Rik Cordero (Nas, Snoop Dogg, The Roots, Q-Tip), has always been a good friend and made numerous videos for me and my bands. Wish him & Nancy the best of luck.

Here are a few Rik made for me…
Tigers and Monkeys – “Fire Escape” featuring Fred Armisen

Justice of the Unicorns – “Polar Bear”

The Mighty Sweet – “Park Park” …I played the pill and the baby.

Three21 Media related foodblog posts

More Pix from My Bloody Valentine 3D

awesome pics from Samuel Zide from the Valentines Food Party. I always wonder what I look like while playing. It’s like how I wonder what I look like when I blink. I’ve tried in the mirror. Always just missing it.

This Frontier Needs Heroes Holiday Jamboree

Party time. This was a super fun. I can’t believe all the people that brought cookies. In the end, everyone was a winner. Especially Greg who gets a gift certificate to Hawaiian Tropic Zone and Chris Leo’s mom who gets to go to Lucky Cheng’s.

This Frontier Needs Heroes – thanks Brad & Jessica for throwing this awesome party and letting us in on the fun.

This Frontier Needs Heroes & Me So Hungry Christmas Jamboree

Friday December 19
Glasslands Gallery
9 pm / FREE!!

Featuring Holiday Songs and Good Cheer from
This Frontier Needs Heroes / Justice of the Unicorns / Marcellus Hall / Elizabeth Harper / Chris Leo and Animal Hands / Miguel Mendez / T.K. Webb / Begushkin / I’m in You / Jacob Morris / Kate Pivoriunas / Violent Bullshit / Jay Mcelfresh / Victor Vazquez / Katie Eastburn / Acrylics

Christmas Cookie Contest
bring your favorite homemade christmas cookies and holiday treats to be judged by an all star panel !!!

This show is free. We’ll also be accepting donations for charity and Me So Hungry will match dollar for dollar up to a cool grand. Let’s have fun.

JOTU Pho Club

Vietnamese soup on a chilly night in Manhattan and an evening with the Justice of the Unicorns.

Pho Pasteur85 Baxter St (btw Bayard & Walker St) Chinatown, NY 10013
Serious Theatre Collective – sketch comedy

CMJ Day 3: Pork Buns and Chili

anthony and i head to the fader room. a guy at the front recognizes me and my hair from the magazine five-years ago. how does anyone remember that? i can only imagine he has my picture up on his bedroom mural along with other teen hair idols …who wouldn’t?  great time here. they give us wristbands and tell us to keep it on until saturday if we want to get back in. it’ll start a new fashion trend?

good dumpling for some good buns, peking duck in steamed bun wraps, and bak choy to wash down the carbs. pretty darn good buns.

justice of the unicorns at the 205 club for open whiskey bar show. a potential for a lot of trouble. it’s so awesome to see all the friends that came out. made me really happy. makes me wish i could give more. more pork buns?

after ditching the groupies, rusty and i make a meal from a leftover can of chili. add some of that hot pickled peppers from the hot sauce bottle. turned our lips on fire and sobered us up from all that whiskey.

Good Dumpling House – (CLOSED) 214-216 Grand St, Chinatown NYC