Time to try the Omaha Steak Burgers. Cooked them in a frying pan. I made Russ’ well-done and mine medium-rare. Not too bad. Better than the local grocery’s cheap ground meat and other frozen patties. It did had some steak characteristic to it, outside of the A1 sauced grilled onions I put on it. Something about the charred bits was a little like charred ends of a steak. But I suppose the smell of the A1 steak sauce could have steered in me that direction.

[update: I just cooked another of these steak burgers this morning. It wasn’t as thoroughly thawed as before, a little stiff. I thought it was better. Even though I pressed on it while cooking this time, it was even more juicier when I bit into it. Perhaps pressing on it, allowed the outside to sear better and form a crust to contain the juicy? It was closer to medium this time. I don’t think medium-rare is good for these frozen patties. When I see pink from a frozen pre-formed patty, it doesn’t look appetizing and I get nervous if it’s cooked enough. I put Heinz Chili-Ketchup sauce this time. It still had some steak characteristic to the charred bits.]


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