I will show you the best Life-hack tip of the day! So easy!!

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  1. tio wally

    That’s the most difficult thing I’ve seen in awhile. And easier method is to simply hit the lid on a hard surface at an angle, which will break the seal. And you can do it one-handed!

  2. Rebecca Clark

    [A thing ahead: I landed here, because I looked up on Facebook one of the co-producers of “Bob’s Burgers”(on Comedy Central, Germany-I’m interested in TV production..) and you where on her FB page]-I wonder if the lid doesn’t get damaged or bent/deformed, that one can’t close it again..I always smack the jar head over on the whole surface of the lid on the worktop,same other way round-doesn’t get bent or brakes..but it needs a rubber glove & is nerving…


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