This is a good alternative to Bhatti Grill in Curry Hill. It’s now a little cheaper at $10.95, they have beer specials during lunch and it’s very easy to get a table. It’s similar to Bhatti Grill in that it is unlimited food, but not a buffet. They bring the dishes out to you and they give a lot, even before you have a chance to ask for seconds.

Of my two recent visits, the food was a lot better the first time. Still good the second time though, but not as amazing. The naan can be super pillow-y and nice and the curry sauces very rich.

I think considering all the factors compared to more busier restaurants in the area, this is a great option. “I’ll be back.” –Arnold

Haldi – 102 Lexington Ave (b/t 27th St & 28th St) New York, NY 10016

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