I remember going to Dumbo, Brooklyn off the York stop many years ago …and really the only thing there right off the stop was Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant. I felt like back then, they had some stewed meats in steam trays. But I could be wrong. This time, it was renovated –no steam trays. All off the menu. Bright colored lights outside to fit along with all the new buildup of businesses in the area.

I remember when I came here with my old girlfriend and her friends years ago –they were showing Shakira on the TV and my girlfriend was talking shit about her. It pissed me off for some reason. Not sure why. But I almost broke up with her because of that. That seems pretty stupid. But I guess talking shit about someone just because they’re pop is too.

Anyway, I came back to visit. It was a grand party. Hipster hangout. My type of people. I felt like people were doing tequila shots all around.

04  Crispy Burrito Bowl - Pedro's Mexican Restaurant

I got the Pedro’s Crispy Burrito Bowl. I didn’t realize it would come in a crispy tortilla bowl, but I guess that makes more sense than what I thought it was going to be. It was huge. Was pretty good. Maybe a little salty.

Anyway, I feel like just because I have bad memories of a place, doesn’t mean that it’s the place’s fault. All I wanted was a burrito bowl …and they gave it to me.

Pedro’s – 73 Jay St (btw Water St & Front St in DUMBO) Brooklyn, NY 11201

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