Signs just went up today at White Castle for their new Chicken and Waffle slider. Chicken patty between two Belgian waffles with white gravy and bacon crumbles. Two for $5 or $2.69 each.

The also have a breakfast menu with the waffles. Waffle sandwiches with egg and cheese with a choice of bacon or sausage $1.99. Waffles and Mrs. Butterworth’s $1.69.

I ordered one of the Chicken and Waffle sandwiches. I saw the lady carefully assembling it, neatly wrapping it up and sliding it into a slider box.

It was really good! The white gravy and bacon had a good peppery taste. It kind of was like eating chicken and waffles.

I imagine if they used the chicken breast from their tasty Chicken Breast Sandwiches, it would be even better. I wonder if you can special order it that way. It probably wouldn’t fit into the box though.

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  1. Melinda

    That’s great to hear that you liked it!! I got coupons in the mail for these, definitely trying them on my next trip 🙂

  2. Krisry

    I know this is old but they do use the same chicken for the chicken and waffles and the chicken breast sandwhich


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