My friend Jody told me a few months ago that he found a place that has awesome Polish food in his neighborhood of Greenpoint. He thought it was called Nassau Diner and it was on Nassau Ave at Humboldt St. I was I like I don’t think those street intersect. But turns out they do. Todd sent me this list of Greenpoint cheap eats on and it had this place, but really called Northside Bakery (Division of Old Poland Foods LLC). Then when I was going to check it out, Todd was already there just finishing up his meal. LOL.

I tasted their White Borscht soup that had gotten cold. It was meh. But I went on their recommendation and got the red stuffed cabbage (Guwumpkis) that were only $2.50 or $3.00. Really cheap. Then I added a side of beets and cucumber salad. The total jumped up to $5.99. Still a good deal.

The Guwumpkis was pretty darn good. I ate it all up. Also, there seems like a lot more hot Polish girls in the area.

Northside Bakery – 190 Nassau Ave (at Humboldt St) Brooklyn, NY 11222

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