I went to Brooklyn Night Bazaar this past Saturday. It’s a flea market with food and music. I mainly went to see Kitty Pryde. I’ve read that it usually gets really packed. But on this particular night it wasn’t too crowded. Probably because it was super cold outside.

The food was tasty. I got Oxtail Stew ($10) from Spur Tree and a Chicken Pot Pie ($4) from Handpie. I was sucking on the bones.

I was pretty blown away from this band called Party Supplies. They reminded me of MGMT meets Talking Heads.

Dang, there were so many hot girls at the Bazaar. But I was trying to do the math and I think I might be old enough to be their dads. But then again, I kept getting carded when I went to buy beer. So maybe the girls thought they’re old enough to be my dad.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar – 165 Banker Street (Greenpoint) Brooklyn 11222

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