We were heading off to Northeast Kingdom in Bushwick, but got on the wrong train going back to Manhattan. So I got the guys to go to Azuki Sushi off of Union Square. It was silly, because they didn’t want to go because it was in Manhattan. They are like those people that claim they never go above 14th St. This restaurant is around 19th. Well, this place has free unlimited hot sake. I’m not sure that really helped, but we gotta try as many of these places as we can.

Todd thought it smelled like cat pee when we walked in and it was extra warm. Sam asked for a sushi boat and they laughed at him. They didn’t know what that was. The place was pretty empty for being 7pm on a Saturday. Now I started to feel like a jerk for dragging these guys out to here. I also felt like they were suspicious if I led them down the wrong subway entrance on purpose. I swear I didn’t plan it.

But the place wasn’t that bad. We got the Sushi/Sashimi Platter for Two ($49) and a couple of extra rolls –to meet the $20 minimum per person to get the free hot sake (or white wine). Food was decent. I think after enough free sakes, everyone calmed down.

I’ll be doing a roundup of all the Free Unlimited Hot Sake restaurants real soon. Stay tuned.

Azuki – 239 Park Ave S (betn 19th & 20th St) New York, NY 10003

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