Justin asked if I wanted to meet him and his friend at Milon (one of those Christmas tree-lit Indian restaurants on 1st Ave and 6th St …see Panna II). I told him I wasn’t going to make it, but came anyway to surprise him. Joke was on me. I waited for twenty minutes inside the tiny restaurant before I went ahead and ordered. It reminded me of when I was young and had a bloody nose running down my face. I thought it would be funny if I laid in my sister’s bed acting dead. I heard her watching TV in the living room with a friend. Joke was on me. It was a long movie. I must’ve waited over thirty minutes. So I eventually cleaned up and went back to my room. She never knew.

I ordered the Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Vegetable Malai curry dish. It tasted good. It was made with almonds, bananas, mild spices in a cream sauce. I think this is the first dish I ordered when I came to one of these Indian restaurants ten years ago.

Justin and his friend eventually came. They ordered the Lamb Kurma, which is similar to my Malai, but not as sweet. The Coconut Naan bread was amazing. First time I’ve ever had that. I’d get that again definitely. The Reshmi Kebab (boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked in curry masala sauce with onion, pepper and tomatoes) was really good. I finished off the rest.

It wasn’t crowded this particular night, but there were two birthdays. They turned on the birthday techno Indian song and brought out free mango ice cream. Justin told them it was his friend’s birthday. We got free mango ice cream too. Then afterwards, they brought out ice cream for everyone else. It was a constant birthday party.

Milon Restaurant – 93 1st Ave (btwn 6th and 5th St) New York, NY 10003

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