Sam has a car and decided we needed to drive to Flushing to eat Chinese food. Cool with me. We looked at the Village Voice 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in NYC (…which coincidentally, Sam had just shot the cover for the Voice). We picked #1 Yi Lan Halal Restaurant. Why not? Go for the best on the list.

We picked the Lamb Dumplings (20 for $6), Beef Tongue and Tail with Brown Sauce ($16.95) and Sea Cucumber with Scallions ($17.95). The Lamb Dumplings were amazing and a good deal. The other two dishes, I don’t know. Maybe overpriced for what I thought it would be looking at the restaurant. The tongue and tail meat were tender. I just didn’t like the thick browns sauce too much. And the Sea Cucumbers were so difficult to pick up with chopsticks. So slippery, gelatinous and swirmy.

If I go back, I’d stick with the cheaper options like the dumplings and noodles. I just didn’t realize Sea Cucumbers would cost that much. But when we went to the Chinese supermarket across the street, they were expensive. So were the bullfrogs surprisingly.

Yi Lan Halal Restaurant - 42-79A Main St. Flushing, NY 11355

Sam had also shot my headshot this weekend. I’m available for private events.

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