I felt like I needed a reason to get out of the house. Good thing Todd IM’ed me about this comedy show at BAM, Get It Out There. Free show and free Heineken.

I got there way early thinking I could start drinking, but I couldn’t get in until 8. So I went across the street to the Haitian restaurant, La Caye. I’ve always wanted to eat at a Haitian restaurant, but this place is a lot fancier looking than I was thinking. There was a live Latin Jazz band playing. They sat me up front right next to them.

I ordered a beer and the Fritaye, which is a fried platter of your choice of beef, fish or pork with akras and green plantains with a side of pikliz ($12). I got the fish and it was pretty good. Pretty good size plate of fried food. I’m glad I got the fish, because I don’t know how beef would have worked fried like this. The sour pickled veggies (pikliz) worked well with the fried fish. Gave it some flavor.

The fried akras were just okay. I don’t know what they are. Mashed brown something and fried.

I don’t care for the fried plantains  Never been a fan of Tostones. I like grilled caramelized plantains, but never fried. Too starchy and dry. Honestly, I was thinking there should’ve been ketchup with this plate.

This restaurant is alright. I was hoping my first Haitian experience was a little more dingy and cheaper. Maybe if I had the same food in a divey place, I would have thought this was awesome.

The BAM comedy show was fun. The comedians were Sean Donnelly, Jon Glaser, Max Silvestri, Gabe Liedman, Phoebe Robinson, Judah Friedlander. I’ve seen and met a few of these guys before. I think one of them lives across the street from me. I just saw him this morning in front of my apartment. Anyway, I’d go to this show again. Free Heineken and chicks.

La Caye – 35 Lafayette Ave (btwn Ashland & St Felix St) Brooklyn 11217

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