Last week, I headed out to visit my friends’ Will (the first chili cook-off champion) and Liz’s holiday party in South Park Slope. Rusty and I used to live down there years ago. Wow, now a decade. I took a stroll around the area before the party. Some thing are still there, but a lot has changed. A lot more hipster bars right around the corner from where we lived. It’s interesting.

I saw this Slovak and Czech restaurant that was still there –Milan’s. I never stepped inside for the three years that I lived around the corner. The awning sign has been renovated. I was planning on trying one of the newer spots that night, but I decided to go into Milan’s for what sounded like some hearty food.

When I first walked in, it was like a record scratch. Who’s this Chinese hipster with long hair walking in? Does he want to give us Chinese take-out menus? That’s the feeling I got. But I get that a lot, so it’s okay.

I ordered a large beer. The older man said the Staropramen is good. Never heard of it. But they had a big sign/mirror on the wall, so I guess it was good. Very foamy on top. I couldn’t tell if he added foam like you would on a cappuccino, but it was similar to that.

The complimentary bread with a dish of scallion cream cheese was pretty good. I think it was homemade.

I ordered the first thing on the menu Sviečková na smotanÄ›, knedle (Sauerbraten in delicious heavy cream sauce w. Dumplings $12.50). For some reason, I thought Sauerbraten was a sausage, but it’s not. It’s slices of roast meat that’s supposed to be sour. It wasn’t really sour though. But I mostly was tasting that “delicious” heavy cream sauce. Also when I was ordering I got confused when he was asking if I wanted potatoes. Yeah, I do. But I also meant I want that in addition to the dumplings. Probably okay. I think in this case, dumplings is just bread. Overall, the dish was okay. Not really terrific, but good for a cold night and it was hearty.

I wasn’t sure if I was done with this place. I saw the little girl in front of me get an awesome looking dessert in a bowl. I don’t know what it was. Jello or pudding or Chocolate? Instead I ordered the Gulášová (Goulash soup $3.70). This was pretty good. More of a tomato-tasting beef broth. Lots of chunks of meat and potatoes. This was like a really hearty Campbell’s Chunky Soup. I would’ve been satisfied with just this bowl of soup. But because it was in addition, I was stuffed.

I then went to Will and Liz’s party. Saw a lot of friends. I wish I had more room for the ham they had there. It was awesome. I was the dick who ate the last piece at the end of the night. But to be fair, it was the only piece I had.

Anyway, if I was more adventurous back in the day and had this food blog, I’m sure I would’ve eaten a lot more at Milan’s. I’m not sure many people had digital cameras back then. That would’ve been expensive to develop photos for each post.

Milan’s Restaurant - 710 5th Ave (btwn 22nd and 23rd St) Brooklyn, NY 11226

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