We were very fortunate that we didn’t get it hard with Hurricane Sandy in Williamsburg. With a lot of friends without power, internet, hot water, we were very fortunate here.

I met up with Justin for lunch nearby, since all the subways were down after the storm. We went to Sage for Thai food where Cono & Son O’pescatore used to be. It’s weird. This newish restaurant doesn’t quite look like a Thai restaurant. But since the neighborhood has been changing a lot, I guess it makes sense. I’ve walked by a few times before and never seen so many customers as there was this time. I imagine it’s because everyone was stuck in Brooklyn.

We got lunch specials –For around $9 each, Pad See Ew noodles, Red Curry and an appetizer each. The Tom Kha soup was served in a coffee mug, but it was still good. Lots of vegetables in there. The shrimp dumplings were pretty good too. Pad See Ew and Red Curry were solid.

Overall, I was impressed or maybe surprised that it was pretty decent Brooklyn Thai food. The service was really spotty though. Maybe they’ve never been this busy before.

Sage - 299-301 Graham Ave (@ Ainslie St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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