After last Saturday’s Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, I met up with Todd and Sam to get some food and beer back in Williamsburg at M Noodle Shop. We were starving and sober from attending that concert. Apparently if you wanted to drink, you either had to sneak it in or pay for the couple thousand dollar VIP level.

M Noodle Shop is a good idea because I wanted a warm bowl of soup because I felt a cold coming on, plus they open so late …up until 6pm in fact. I got the same thing I got last time –the Curry Chicken Noodle Soup. But was also contemplating the Marinated Turnip Noodle Soup. The waiter said we could get just the turnips as a side dish. Sam ordered it along with his Seaweed Salad. I liked both of his dishes. The Marinated Turnip had a nice Asian/Chinese flavor. Not overpowering. Tender.

M Noodle Shop - 549 Metropolitan Ave (btwn Union Ave & Lorimer) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Oh yeah, Todd and I went to a Global Citizen Festival pre-party sponsored by Starr African Rum the night before. We drank so much. Then I remember seeing the Foo Fighters standing next to me at the bar. But I acted too cool by pretending I didn’t even notice. Then we left. Now that I think about it, I was kind of a dick. Not that Dave Grohl cares if I acknowledge him or not. But it was a behavior that only I knew I was doing. So it was like being a dick, but I was the only one that knew I was.

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