Last night we saw Black Banana and The Kills at Pier 63, where Rusty takes care of the flowers. Drank too much and ate peanuts. I forgot to pay attention to the show.

We stumbled off to the train and bought a Lamb Doner Platter at Istanbul Grill on 14th St. I was thinking it would be better than a pita sandwich, because no bread. Todd and I are trying to cut the carbs. Took it on the train and we got so pissed when we found out they gave us pita bread on the side and the whole bottom of the platter was rice. I was about to go all the way back to complain. I was so pissed and drunk.

I’m not sure if the platter is worth $12.45. Seems expensive. Probably because most of it we didn’t eat because of the carbs. A halal cart would have been cheaper. It wasn’t bad tasting though.

Instanbul Grill – 310 W 14th St (btwn 8th & 9th Ave) New York, NY 10014

We headed off to Williamsburg to meet Elissa and co. I don’t remember what we were doing, but we ended up at Supercore on Bedford and drank sake. Elissa ordered the Beni-Tori with rice (simmered chicken in dark soy sauce, ginger, onion, sugar with soft boiled egg). It tasted pretty good.

Todd was trying to order food and I tried to stop him. We need to get serious with our bodies. I remember rambling on about Brad Pitt’s diet and workouts. There are actually websites about it – and Okay, now that I got the carb cutting down, I need to work on cutting the drinking. I’d probably look like Brad Pitt by now.

Supercore – 305 Bedford Ave (btwn Grand St & S 1st) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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