After our friends Ape School played at Brooklyn Bowl, we stopped by Oasis right next to the Bedford L stop. Perfect place to fill up your drunk stomach on a Falafel Sandwich. Only $3.

When we came in, the falafel guys were about to kick my friends out. Rusty walked in and dropped his phone and the case broke into pieces everywhere …and then he just hung out by the door, trying to prop himself up on the counter. The falafel guys were like “Hey, what you do want?!” and the older guy’s face was pissed off like he was about to bring a bat out. I had to tell them that I’m ordering for them (my friends). Dang. But understandably, they probably deal with drunk assholes every night right there off the Bedford stop.

Anyway, I really like the Falafel Sandwich here. It’s packed in size and in flavor. Asking for it spicy has a good kick. The Baba Ghanoush Sandwich is also really good …also only $3.

Oasis – 161 N 7th St (btwn Bedford & Driggs) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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