Dennis got us group tickets to yesterday’s Yankees/Mariners game. I didn’t realize we were going to party so hard in the parking lot. A lot of people were partying hard. Grills flaming, beer pong, raffle and a group next to us even hired a Mariachi band.

The group did a great job with the food. Dennis made Buffalo Chicken Dip and Tator Tot Casserole. I like very much! A layer of Tator Tots on top ground meat. It was like a fried Shepard’s Pie.

I had so much beer. And it was so weird to me that we could so easily drink outdoors in a parking lot. We did have to put it in the cup. From my understanding, the North Harlem lot is one of the few places where flaming grills and beer are cool. I think the cops can write you up, but they usually turn a blind eye.

I realized this was my first tailgating experience. It was nuts. We didn’t even go into the stadium until the 5th inning. By then, I was too drunk to pay attention. But it was such a beautiful day and the baseball field was cool to space out to.

Douchebag Cam

We went for more drinking at Dugout bar afterwards. Did anyone know that there was a baseball game?

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