I finally tried the Korilla BBQ Truck. There was no line …well, I mean there was only 5 people vs a line down the block that I usually see if I pass by it.

The way you order is kind of like Chipotle. There’s a line of servers down the assembly line. You pick between tacos, burrito or rice bowl, but with Korean style meats. They even have salsa and cheese. Add kimchi and some veggies, then top it off with their specially made sauces.

Dang, this was so good. Really good. I got the Bulgogi Beef Bowl with everything ($8). The meat was super tender and they gave me a lot. You just can’t see in my photo, since it’s hidden under all that cheese. I thought I would need a knife for those big slices of beef, but I could easily bite it off.

The sauces are really good. I had them put on the Spicy Korilla sauce and the Smokey Mayo one. Hot, creamy and flavorful.

Now I understand why they have lines. Next time, I think I’ll forgo the cheese and the salsa. It just didn’t seem like a right match for my tastes. The salsa almost tasted like pineapple. Was there pineapple in there?

Korilla BBQ Food Truck – Manhattan, NY

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