Dang. Long lines when Kimchi Taco Truck parks behind my work at 24th St and Broadway. No lines when Bongo Brothers parks there. Both look very similar to me –somewhat new, modern/trendy food truck, selling interesting ethnic food, similar pricing, (over?)use of social media. It’s not that Kimchi Taco has amazing reviews on Yelp. Presumably like Bongo Brothers, I suspected the parking location was hot …but it probably has to do with some Kogi (LA) effect. If you’re going to follow the food truck formula, might as well sell the same stuff.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of no lines. I ordered the Cubano sandwich ($7). Came out quick. Bread was a little chewy, Pork was a little too salty (but in such a way I don’t think it’s normally like that). Overall a decent sandwich.

I’m trying to root for Bongo Brothers. I wonder what would happen if they sold Korean tacos.

Check their website/twitter for their mobile location.

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