Seth’s private island bachelor party on Lake George was the scene. I grabbed this gigantic three-pound can of Grandma Brown’s Home Baked Beans at a grocery store in the town of Bolton Landing. Looking at the picture on the can, I thought it was some kind of chocolate/peanut brittle mush. It looked perfect to crack open and stick on the fire pit grill.

Everyone couldn’t believe how good these beans are. I couldn’t believe how many compliments I got. Who cooked these beans? Jason Lam did. No, Grandma Brown did. Brian said he wouldn’t eat any other beans after having these. I thought everyone was messing with me at first, but that was until I tried them myself. They were really good. Not sweet like most canned beans. Just really good straightforward baked beans. The texture with the thick sauce was similar to refried beans.

Grandma Brown’s made in Mexico, NY. They might not do package design well, but they do make a mighty fine can of beans. Well I take that back about the packaging. That’s what sold me. Maybe their graphic designer is being ironic.

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