At first, I thought this Torta looked too cleaned cut. Then I found a couple of cubes of pig fat and smiled. The fat wasn’t chewy at all, but melted like Jell-O. I was happy with this pork torta.

The sandwich was $6, even though the menu says $5. Maybe getting it with everything (jalapeno, cheese, etc) makes it more.

The Super Truck – mostly on the Southeast corner of Park Ave & E 25th St. NY 10010 on weekdays during lunch

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  1. tio wally

    Allow me to be completely off topic while I have *Intertubes, as the late (former head of the Senate Technology Committee) Sen. Ted Stevens called them: I’ve been driving around (again) and discovered a fantastic Salvadoran restaurant in Rogers, AR, called Pupusa Salvadoreña. They have two locations. Like many Central American’s they make chile rellenos stuffed with meat; “relleno” means stuffed, if you didn’t know. Fantastic and delicious. The pupusas are devine also. It’s also interesting that instead of the standard tortillas, they serve it with a modified pupusa, i.e. not stuffed. Es muy delicioso y sobroso.

    Also, I bought a 64 gig iPod. I promise to learn to use it in the near future, take JLam quality photos and send them to you.

    In closing, I keep passing a restaurant somewhere called Fainting Goat. Is that anything like narcoleptic sheep?

    Abraco, Wally

    *”It’s not a truck!”

  2. tio wally

    I will also learn punctuation and speeling, eventually.

    Preef Rooding is my life, you know.


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