Does anyone else have this problem where you can’t decide what to eat for lunch and end up walking around for an hour? I guess with so many choices, it’s a good problem to have.

I ended up trying this halal truck on the southeast corner of 32nd Street and Park Ave, Manhattan. There’s a couple of halal carts in that area that seem to competing with the whole Rafiqi style toppings bar. I asked for everything on my lamb over spicy rice platter, which included chickpeas, black beans, corn, olives, cilantro, both grilled and raw onions, lettuce, tomato, a slice of pickle, white sauce, hot sauce. That hot sauce is the spiciest I’ve ever had from a cart or truck. Crazy good if you’re into the heat. Make sure you get the spicy rice too. I was sweating so much eating it in the park, I had to take it back to my cold AC office to finish up.

Only thing was that the lamb tasted like a salty hot dog. But pluses go to the two older guys in the truck. One of them smiled and thanked me genuinely. I’m not sure if he had teeth.

R&Z Halal Truck – southeast corner of 32nd Street & Park Ave, NYC 10016

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