Dave and I went to Kasia’s on Bedford Ave. I thought it looked kinda like Alice’s diner when I first looked through the window. We got pierogies, kielbasa and stuffed cabbage. The fried pierogies were good. The stuffed cabbbage scared me when I first sliced into it, but actually isn’t as bad as it looked. Kinda taste like Chinese style minced pork casserole.

The prices were more than I expected, but I guess that’s Bedford prices.

Kasia’s Restaurant – 146 Bedford Ave (@N 9th St) Brooklyn 11211

Dave just finished up a tour. He’s toured most of his life. He says the hardest part now is figuring out what to do once the tour is over. Where to live? Where to work? We passed by a Help Wanted sign at Vinnie’s Pizzeria, but immediately we knew it wasn’t going to work out.

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  1. Rolling Vandal

    You should have gone to Karczema, in Greenpoint. On Greenpoint Ave, just west of Manhattan Ave. It feels like you’re eating inside of a village in Poland. Awesome drinks, and food. The bacon appetizer is purely epic, and the perogies are pretty proper as well. Also the prices are a bit better than Kasia’s.


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