Sam Shady got me this pack of Hello Kitty snacks, exclusively sold in Japan (at least that’s what the package says). I forgot how he got it. I’ve been sitting on it for a long time. I was waiting until I got my 3D lens. I got the 3D lens, but then realized I needed a macro 3D lens. So I finally got that. The expiration date on the snacks has passed by now by several months. I ate it anyway.

The was a big Cheeto Cheese Puff Tube. That was probably the best thing in there. It sorta had a slight shrimp flavor, like fried prawn crackers at Chinese restaurants. Then there was another bag of Cheese Puffs. These didn’t taste like the big tube. They were more bland. Then there was a small bag of tiny crispy noodles. These tasted the most stale by now. And there was a small pink heart hard candy. That tasted the most kawaii.

Okay, I realized that the 3D shots weren’t going to look good for this when I was shooting. I left one 3D shot in there. You need a parallel 3D stereoscopic viewer.

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