Years ago, I once saw a package of Scrapple at a C-Town in Park Slope. On the label, it had a cartoon of a kid that was asking his mom for “More Scrapple please!” The ingredients: a bunch of pork scraps (Pork Stock, Pork Skins, Corn Meal, Wheat Flour, Pork Hearts, Pork Livers, Pork Tongues, Salt and Spices). I haven’t seen Scrapple since, until I went to a Publix down in Orlando last week.

I sucked at cooking it. The mush crumbled when i sliced it and it splattered everywhere all over the kitchen and my camera. The one crispy slice I cooked was pretty good …the one that wasn’t sitting in oil on the non-stick pan.

Tasted like pork rinds but even more porky. Like Roast Pork Pernil with that rich horse-aroma stank. Not to make it sound bad, but that’s the only way I can describe the kind of roast pork I’m talking about. You might know what I mean. I like it. Mama, more Scrapple please!

My dad said he was going to save the rest to make soup.

Scrapple’s Wikipedia Page

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  1. MaltyDog

    Scrapple is a PA thing. In philly you can get it almost every where that serves short order breakfast and even some of our cooler bars are mixing two philly staples into one delish monster, the scrapple cheesesteak. banging.


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