Yoshie got us to go to Woodside/Elmhurst for this Ramen and Friends dinner to try Ayada Thai. There’s a lot of comparisons of this place to Sripraphai in the Yelp universe. This place was pretty empty though.

Rich and I shared the Basil Frog Leg and one of the whole fishes. The Basil Frog Leg was really good. A lot of spices in that sauce. You probably could put any meat or nothing and I’d still be happy. It’s more about the sauce. As for our fish, there seemed to be some confusion and they ended up bringing us the Kang Som Sour Curry soup with omelet. There was a photo of it on the wall in a press clipping, so I’m assuming it’s one of the better dishes. It had an interesting sour taste, but I’m thinking I would’ve liked the fish we ordered better.

Margaret and Adam ordered the best. Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Pork and Sautéed Sa-Tor Bean with Ground Chicken were the tastiest of the bunch. However they think those beans made their pee smell like skunk. Yoshie’s pink seafood soup was pink and tangy. She didn’t say anything about her pee.

I enjoyed this meal more than the time we went to Sripraphai. Maybe it’s because my expectations were too high that time.

Ayada Thai – 77-08 Woodside Ave. Queens, NY 11373
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