Jay and Sally took Sam and I out to lunch at Rocky & Carlo’s. We had so much food. So much Baked Macaroni & Cheese, where the macaroni is uncut long noodles. And the restaurant is “the home of the Wop Salad”, a New Orleans Italian Salad. Eating a racial slur is not too bad.

Afterward, they drove us around the Ninth Ward, showing us Fats Domino’s house, some Katrina devastated homes and the Brad Pitt houses –a project to help get people back into their homes in that area. These houses are energy efficient and look super futuristic.  I would love to have a house like that. Sam pointed out it was strange to see a Brad Pitt house right next to one that’s completely destroyed.

The amazing part is seeing families and businesses back on their feet after hurricane. I know we had to tear up all the floorboards when we had one inch of water in my bedroom and that was a huge pain in the ass. Imagine what it’s like when you’re whole building was underwater. We were glad to see Rocky & Carlo’s in business after a couple of years rebuilding and the family that waved to us from their Brad Pitt house porch.

Rocky & Carlo’s – 613 W Saint Bernard Hwy. Chalmette, LA 70043
Make it Right – the Brad Pitt/New Orleans rebuilding project

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