We headed on down to our double-wide trailer in Lafitte. Sam and I decided to get some real food at the nearby Jan’s Cajun Restaurant. Meals there are included in some of the local fishing charters.

We split a Seafood Gumbo ($6.50) and a large Oyster Po Boy ($10.50), which we heard had jumped to $30 in some parts since the oil spill. The Oyster Po Boy was big. We wondered if it was actually two, but they cut it up for us into four pieces.

There were two large men that asked us if we were film makers …maybe because of our hair? They were working for BP, previously commercial fisherman. That’s really messed up how you end up working for the company that fucked up your life, family and future. But I suppose you do it because you have no choice. It is all for the sake of your life, family and future.

They filled us in a bit on how’s it going out there. And gave us a tip on the House of Seafood Buffet in Bush, Louisiana. The way the big black man made it sound, it was like Alice in Wonderland –a huge fabled building out in the middle of nowhere, where they charter out-of-towners to and serve shrimps, seafood, rabbit, gator and everything else imaginable. I later asked my friend and he told that I shouldn’t step foot Bush. Supposedly one scary KKK town. At the same time, I’m really├é┬áintrigued.

Speaking back to Jan’s Cajun Restaurant, we enjoyed our meal. It was just good local food. Seems kinda like the place you’d eat at if you were in Twin Peaks. But it made sense to me.

Jan’s Cajun Restaurant – 4831 Jean Lafitte Blvd. Lafitte, LA 70067

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