First time I’ve noticed this taco truck in the area (20th & Broadway). The menu kinda reminds me of the El Sabor Del Taco Truck where I had the torta and the chipmunk style beef guisada.

I ordered a pork huarache $7 (apparently named after Mexican sandals that have a similar shape). I’m glad they gave put it in a container and gave me a fork, because I was thinking I had to eat it like a pizza. The pork and the fried masa’s nothing to go home and write about, but I guess I just did. fuck. Anyway, it really makes the $2 tacos sound like a good deal. And what about the Sincronizada which looks like a ham & cheese quesadilla sandwich or the Salchipapas (fried hot dogs and fries)? I haven’t had those before.

TRI Mexican Tacos Truck – Southwest corner of 20th St. & Broadway, NYC 11211

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