I went over to the two upstairs Indian restaurants on 1st Ave & 6th St with the Christmas lights, peppers and beach balls draping the tiny cramped space …and where the two hosts fight over your patronage. I remember a few years back, one of the guys squeezed the other guy’s arm really hard and pointed a finger in his face. So I went with him –the aggressor. Normally I’d root against the bully (at least in the movies). I’m not sure why, but I guess I preferred his take-charge attitude and that he seemed to really want me to eat there …more than the other guy. So I revisited Panna II, the one to the right.

I got the dinner special for $13.95. Started off with the complimentary pupad crispy flat bread and chutney. Next, decent Mulligatawny soup and two potato & peas somosas. I was already full by then. Then came out my Lamb Korma with cabbage, dhal (which I don’t understand how to eat. Like soup or sauce?), rice and paratha bread. Not the best Indian food in Manhattan, but I was so stuffed. Mild food on the stomach at a good price. BYOB and the place rocks when it’s someone’s birthday.

I wish I took the photo of the restaurant before I entered. There was perfect moment where the two men were outside. Unfortunately, only one of them was there when I left. To help discredit the rumor that the two restaurants have the same kitchen or owned by the same owner, here’s this nice article from the Villager about them and the two men trying to fight over you.

Panna II Garden Indian Restaurant – 93 1st Ave (@ 6th St) New York, NY 10003

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  1. Melinda

    The lights are tacky yet memorizing. Forget the food, I would go there for the lights.


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